Certified Auto Repair Technicians

Certified technician from DFW Pro Bright Star Body Shop repairing a customer's car.

It’s all too common to leave minor auto repair jobs until another time. Things such as scratches, dents, and damage to fenders and bumpers often end up forgotten and neglected. Thankfully, DFW Pro Bright Star Body Shop of TX is available to fix these issues and a whole range of other auto collision repair issues. We have locations spread throughout Texas, including in Plano, Fishfield, McKinney, Richardson, Dallas, Garland, Lucas, Murphy, and Addison, so it’s likely that your repair can be done at a location near you soon. Also, our deductible assistance program may be able to reduce your bill.

Auto Body Repair in Texas

DFW Pro Bright Star Body Shop is a leading provider of auto body repair services. Our team provides services to the people of Plano, Fishfield, McKinney, Richardson, Dallas, Garland, Lucas, Murphy, and Addison. We offer services for all parts of your vehicle, including frames, fenders, bumpers, and more, and we have diagnostic equipment that highlights every visible or non-visible problem within your car or truck. Work with one of the leading independent repair shops in Plano, Carrollton, and the surrounding areas.

Frame Repair

Whether you’re looking for a minor or major frame repair, we can help you. Our team has experience working on vehicles of all makes and models. Whatever auto body damage you need fixing, we can do it.

Fender Repair

A damaged fender can really drag the look of your vehicle down. Contact us, and we’ll have your vehicle looking as good as new before you know it.

Bumper Repair

Bumper damage not only reduces the look and value of your vehicle, but it can also impair the integrity of the bumper and reduce its ability to absorb the impact of crashes. Get it fixed today at a workshop near you.

Paintless Dent Repair

This method sees dents carefully removed by accessing the back of the damaged area and gently pushing the dented area back into shape. If your body is dented, paintless dent repair can get your vehicle back to factory condition without the need for potentially costly car paint repair.

Auto Glass Replacement in TX

When your car’s glass is damaged, it’s important to get it replaced as soon as possible. A small chip can quickly turn into a huge crack, which could end with your vehicle being off the road until you can get it repaired. Our auto glass replacement service can help you have your car repaired as soon as possible and reduce the likelihood that your vehicle will be off the road for any amount of time. Act fast and get damages to your auto glass repaired as soon as possible, as all it takes is a sudden change in temperature or a pothole, and you could be facing a considerably larger bill.

We Perform a Quality Vehicle Inspection

When you bring your car to DFW Pro Bright Star, the first thing we do is give it a thorough once-over. Think of it as a health check for your vehicle. Our ASE-certified technicians use the latest diagnostic tools and their sharp eyes to uncover anything that might be amiss. From the engine’s heart to the tires’ grip on the road, no stone is left unturned, as we provide the foundation that makes sure your car runs smoothly and reliably. Whether it’s engine repair needs lurking under the hood or potential issues in the electrical system, our team spots and addresses them early on.

Partner With Certified Automotive Service Technicians

We’re not just any auto body shop. We’re a team of passionate automotive experts. Our ASE-certified technicians are skilled at what we do and treat every car repair as if it were being done on their own vehicles. With certifications recognized industry-wide, our team brings a rare level of expertise and dedication. They’re constantly updating their knowledge and skills to stay at the forefront of automotive technology. From classic models to modern vehicles, our technicians can do every job right.

We Handle Vehicles, Both Large and Small

No matter the size of your ride, DFW Pro Bright Star’s auto shop is equipped to handle it. Compact city cars, family-sized SUVs, or hefty trucks – each vehicle gets the same level of expert attention. Our team specializes in a broad range of services, from collision repair to hail damage repair and everything in between. Have a van that needs engine repair? Our auto shop has got you covered. Every car is treated with the respect and care it deserves, helping make sure that you drive away with confidence.

Contact Our Auto Repair Shop Today!

At DFW Pro Bright Star, we go above and beyond to provide exceptional service. Our team of ASE-certified technicians is dedicated to knowing every nut, bolt, and wire in your vehicle. From collision repair to engine overhaul, our auto body shop is the beacon of quality car repair in Texas. We’ve built our reputation on trust, efficiency, and adding a personalized touch when handling vehicles of all sizes and makes.

Our mission?

To make sure that every driver hits the road with the confidence that their car is in the best possible condition. Trust us to be your go-to auto shop where excellence is not just promised; it’s delivered. Contact DFW Pro Bright Star today to learn more.