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All Makes and Models

DFW Pro Bright Star Body Shop technicians are rigorously trained and certified to work with every make and model of vehicle on the road. No matter what you drive, our team at DFW Pro Bright Star is up to the job. Our collision repair specialists lead the industry in everything from bumper repair to frame repair and everything in between.

Why DFW Pro Bright Star?

As the world’s largest provider of auto paint and collision services, DFW Pro Bright Star offers more benefits than any other body shop. With more than 40 years of industry experience, the only thing that you need to do is just TRUST us; we will fix your car and make it look just as it did before!

Quality Promise

No matter what your vehicle body is made of or the severity of the damage to your car, DFW Pro Bright Star Body Shop’s trusted staff and certified technicians are the industry’s gold standard for auto collision repair.

The Auto Repair Shop You Deserve

So, it finally happened. You got up on an ordinary weekday morning, ate breakfast, said goodbye to the kids, and headed out the door, prepared for another long day at work. Before getting on the highway, you adjusted your rearview mirror, slid in your favorite CD, and cracked the window to let a little air in your car.

Unfortunately, not all drivers are as careful as you. The negligent driver who ran the red light that morning and crashed into the back of your vehicle certainly wasn’t. Now, you’ve got a heavily damaged car and are worried about what you will do for transportation.

With over ten years of experience in the auto body and collision repair industry, DFW Pro Bright Star Body Shop provides immediate auto body repair services to residents of Dallas, TX, and the surrounding communities of Plano, Fishfield, McKinney, Richardson, Garland, Lucas, Murphy, Addison, and Frisco.

While collision centers deal mostly with vehicles damaged in car crashes, a combination collision center and auto body repair shop like DFW Pro Bright Star Body Shop works on both collision and non-collision vehicle damage. In addition, we have ongoing relationships with many auto repair shop insurance companies to ensure our clients are comfortable while waiting for their car to be repaired.

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Auto Body Shop Services You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Common types of auto body and collision treatments DFW Pro Bright Star Body Shop technicians perform include:

  • Dent removal/application of body filler
  • Auto body painting
  • Window repair/replacement
  • Frame repair
  • Frame alignment
  • Replacement of damaged auto body sections
  • Many other services

Only the Best Technicians Work at Our Dallas Car Repair Center

DFW Pro Bright Star Body Shop employs only certified, experienced technicians who have the in-depth knowledge needed to skillfully repair and restore a vehicle’s damaged body. The collision repair specialists at our TX auto body shop are experts at repairing bumpers, frames, windows, scratches, dents, and all other types of auto body damage.

Our clients in Plano, Fishfield, McKinney, Richardson, Garland, Lucas, Murphy, Addison, and Frisco, Texas, trust us to provide superior customer service when they bring their vehicles to the best auto body center in the Lone Star State. Call us today if you are looking for auto body repair near you.

Affordable Auto Repair to Get You Back on the Road

When your car needs a fix, you want it done right without emptying your wallet, right? Here at DFW Pro Bright Star, we can make it happen. We’re not just any auto repair shop; we pride ourselves on offering repairs at prices that don’t make you wince. From oil changes to more complex repairs, our technicians are here to make sure your vehicle gets the care it needs without breaking the bank. And because communication is key, you’ll always be in the loop about what your car needs, how we’ll fix it, and how much it’ll cost. No surprises, just clear, straightforward, and honest communication.

Hail Damage Is No Problem for Us

Texas weather can be pretty crazy, can’t it? One minute, it’s sunny, and the next, you’re caught in a hailstorm that leaves your car looking twenty times worse than you started the day. With the professional support of DFW Pro Bright Star, we can make hail damage a thing of the past. We do great work and can restore your vehicle to its pre-storm condition. Hail damage might seem daunting, but for us, it’s just another day at the office.

Paintless Dent Auto Repairs

Paintless dent removal is like magic for your car’s bodywork. At DFW Pro Bright Star, we’re experts in this innovative technique. It allows us to fix minor dents and dings without needing to repaint your vehicle, saving you time and money. This method is perfect for door dings and dents, hail damage, or any other small indentations that mar your car’s beauty. Best of all, since we’re all about keeping things looking sharp here in Plano, TX, and other locally owned locations, you can trust that your ride will look its best when we’re done with it.

Should You Bring a Totaled Car to a Car Repair Center?

To find out if your auto insurance company will pay for repairs, you need to bring in to DFW Pro Bright Star Body Shop for a complete evaluation of the damage. After we write a report about the cost of repairing the damage, your insurance company will look at the cost and determine whether to “total” your car. Vehicles involved in collisions are totaled when the cost of repairs exceeds the current market value of the vehicle. This value is based primarily on the mileage, model, make, age, and general condition of your vehicle.

Auto Repair Estimates

If your car is not totaled, we’ll give you an auto repair estimate so you can decide if you wish to have the vehicle repaired. Some services included in estimates may not be functionally necessary but will improve the aesthetic appearance of your vehicle.

How Long Does Most Car Repair Services Take?

Depending on the type and severity of auto body repair you need, you could have your vehicle back in one or two days. We’ll give you a time estimate of how long it may take to repair your vehicle so you can adjust your schedule accordingly.

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Driving with a damaged vehicle is a gamble with your safety. Think about it; that small crack in your windshield or that dented hood of your car could lead to bigger problems if left unattended. Why take the chance?

At DFW Pro Bright Star, we’re here to make sure your ride looks great and does the job it’s meant to do of keeping you safe on the roads, too. With our expert repair technicians and commitment to great communication and service, you can rest easy knowing your car is in great hands. Don’t wait for that minor issue to become a major headache. Swing by DFW Pro Bright Star today, and let’s get your vehicle back to its best.

To speak to a certified technician about getting your vehicle repaired, call DFW Pro Bright Star Body Shop today!