Deductible Assistance Program

An auto insurance deductible is the last thing you want to think about in the aftermath of a collision. Although your car auto insurance will cover the cost of repairing damages caused to your car by a collision, most include a deductible, which is a minimum amount you must pay out of pocket before the insurance coverage kicks in.

Fortunately, DFW Pro Bright Star Body Shop has a deductible assistance program that’ll help you seek out your claim without worrying about the amount you have to pay in deductibles. We will help you understand the claim and deductible requirement and minimize the final amount your insurer expects you to pay. We serve Plano, Fishfield, McKinney, Richardson, Dallas, Garland, Lucas, Murphy, and Addison in Texas.

What’s an Auto Insurance Deductible?

Usually, when there’s a collision, the person deemed responsible for the accident will cover the damages made to the car through their insurance provider. However, if you are expected to cover the cost of damages made to your car, the insurer will require you to pay a designated deductible before they can cover the rest of the amount.

For instance, auto insurance can set the deductible for your coverage at $500, which means you must pay the $500 towards repair, and the insurance will pay the outstanding cost of repair after subtracting the rest of the repairs. If your repairs cost $6000 and your insurer imposes a $500 deductible, they will only pay the $5500 once you offset the deductible. It is also essential to determine if the deductible is different if you need to repair rental car.

What’s A Deductible Assistance Program?

Paying deductibles of up to $1,000 whenever you have a collision is a woeful experience, so auto insurers and collision repair auto shops provide deductible assistance programs. For instance, if you are part of an accident where the other driver is determined to be at fault, you don’t need to pay the deductible. The responsible party’s insurance will cover all damages to your car. Another common deductible waiver occurs when you get your windshield repaired. Windshields are protected under comprehensive coverage and treated separately from other parts. If you get a small crack or nick on the windscreen, your insurer may cover the repair without requiring a deductible.

Is There A Collision Deductible Waiver?

You can have your 500 deductible or 1000 deductible waivered completely by the auto insurer. The deductible can be negotiated depending on the total cost of repair work involved. For instance, fender repair will cost much less than bumpers, grills, and headlights. In addition to the two waivers mentioned above (when you are not the driver at fault and windscreen repair deductible waivers), the only other waiver comes as an add-on coverage. You can purchase it together with your auto insurance policy to avoid deductibles in specific circumstances. For instance, if hit by a car from the same insurance company, an uninsured motorist, or if the car is deemed a total loss, your deductible will be waivered.

Reliable Collision Deductible Assistance Program in Texas

The safest approach to waivers is purchasing add-ons to your policy. Having comprehensive coverage will also pay for windshield repairs. Pro Bright Star has been offering auto body and collision repair in Texas, helping clients claim their insurance and minimize the total deductible required. We make it easier to contact your insurance provider and negotiate lower deductibles while maintaining high-quality repair that leaves your car in excellent shape. If you pay a deductible to initiate repairs, it is only fair to get the best collision repair services from an insurance-recommended auto shop.

What’s the Average Collision Deductible in Texas

Most insurance providers require a $500 deductible and $1000 deductible depending on what’s stated on the policy. It is important to read the terms and understand how the deductible works. This includes when to pay, contacting the carrier following an accident, and how to claim a waiver. Pro Bright Star can help you minimize the total deductible you pay for collision repairs in Texas. We serve several regions in TX, including Plano, Fishfield, McKinney, Richardson, Dallas, Garland, Lucas, Murphy, and Addison.