The image shows a red, gray, and orange molecular image of the COVID-19 virus.

The Federal Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and local orders recognize the essential nature of auto repair. As an essential business, DFW Pro Bright Star Body Shop is here to help.


At DFW Pro Bright Star Body Shop, the safety and health of our customers, teammates, and vendors is our top priority. We will follow the guidance of the CDC and local officials as we adhere to new operating procedures that limit personal contact and protect our customers, teammates and vendors, allowing us to get your car safely back on the road.

Keeping You on The Road is Essential to Us

DFW Pro Bright Star Body Shop is considered an essential business as defined by the guidance from the Federal Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and local orders recognize the essential nature of auto repair. We have a duty to ensure that cars and people’s lives continue running. We understand that our customers need reliable transportation to get to important doctors’ appointments, shop for groceries, pick-up medication at pharmacies, and handle the daily activities that bring them health and security. We also support our teammates as they try to make a living, put food on their tables, pay rent and have a sense of safety and security.

Keeping You and Our Team Safe

DFW Pro Bright Star has implemented a range of protective measures and adjusted our operating processes to avoid the spread of COVID-19 among teammates, customers and vendors. A few examples include: mandatory safety training for all teammates, mandatory face masks inside centers, strict social distancing guidelines, mandatory processes for disinfecting centers multiple times a day, disinfecting customer vehicles at drop-off and sanitizing every vehicle with disinfectant cleaners before pick-up or delivery, and the use of technology to limit personal contact. We have modified our repair process from drop-off to delivery to ensure that teammates and customers are interacting as little as possible.

Before, During, and After Every Repair

1. Everyone entering our facilities MUST wear a face mask. This includes teammates, customers and vendors.
2. If you do not want to enter a center, we offer contactless options. Please call us in advance to coordinate.
3. We will allow for adequate social distancing between our teammates and customers or vendors (6 feet) during in-person interactions.
4. We ask all customers to remove all personal items prior to dropping off their vehicle.
5. We will clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces upon vehicle drop-off, such as the steering wheel, door handle, etc.
6. We will wear disposable gloves and throw them away after every use.
7. We sanitize every vehicle with disinfectant cleaners prior to pick-up or delivery.