Pre-Purchase Inspection

Looking to buy a Used car or pickup truck?

DFW Pro Bright Star Body Shop Pre-Purchase Inspection, provide a hands-on inspection of the body, frame, interior, features and options, and lighting. Our 33 Multi-point inspection report will help you to decide to choose that vehicle or no. Our Used Car Inspections also provide a full test drive of the vehicle as long as conditions permit. These days when buying a used car or truck you never really know what you are getting stuck with.  Are you buying someone else’s car? Did someone pond off their problems by trading in their used car?  Is the seller representing the vehicle truthfully? This is where our Used Car Inspection experts can help you know what you are buying.
Even though some companies provide a vehicle history report, that doesn’t mean they have the full history of the vehicle.
Get the vehicle inspected by our certified technicians and experts before you make that purchase. Our pre-purchase inspection program is completely free of charge.